Trail captains are an integral part of stewarding the Agreement Forest trail network. Each captain listed below has volunteered to maintain and inspect approximately 2 to 3km of trail so that HAFTA can meet its maintenance goals.

If you’re an experienced member and are curious about joining in, here is some basic info: Visual trail inspections must be filed monthly by captains so that HAFTA knows the sections are in good repair. Each captain will also need to put in at least a full day of pruning between mid-June and mid-July to keep the vegetation in check. That can be hard physical work. There will also infrequent maintenance of a more impromptu nature, such as hazard debris removal and correction of trail braiding. Please remember that one tour of volunteering includes both Winter and Summer; so all-season volunteers are preferred. I know, not a very good salesperson, but you will be helping the community! 🙂

Trail captain waivers can be found for download below. Waivers must be read, understood, dated to cover the relevant year. I.E. “April 1st, 2021 to March 31st, 2022” and then returned to Brand new Trail Captains must report for orientation before entering the forest to prune and must be experienced riders. At this time members of the pubic cannot participate by only writing to Halton Region because this volunteer program is supervised/equipped and partially insured by HAFTA…

Do you have the time, skills and knowledge to help? Let us know if you’re down by emailing

Thank you,

The volunteer works form above can be completed in many Chrome-based web-browsers. Press download and fill in fields, then hit “print” and change your printer to “Print to PDF” which prints it to a file you can email away.


Trail Captain Roster with Respective Trails

Captain 1 – William H. and Barry S.

Captain 2 – Darryl W. and Rob S.

Captain 3 – Andy B. & Jen S.

Captain 4 – Doug P.

Captain 5 – Sean J. & Jack P.

Captain 6 – Andy K. & A.M.

Captain 7 – Trevor M. & Peter R.

Captain 8 – Rachel S. & Morris M.

Captain 9 – JJ

Captain 10 – Kim R., Julie R., & Garry D.

Captain 11 – John B., Andrew M and Raf