Trail Closures: Hazard Tree Removal


Rolling trail closures:

Halton Region’s contractor is set to begin trail-side hazard-tree removal along the single-tracks in the Currie Tract (opposite Mohawk Raceway).

They are just waiting for the last few leaves to come off for better visibility. Rolling closures will be enacted as the contractor works their way down the trails.

Please respect the closures, they help keep you safe and the operation on time. There are optional routes through Currie forest tract such as the access road. To be plain, trees will be coming down onto the trail or right beside it. Sneaking up behind a person with a chainsaw at full throttle is obviously a bad idea. Walking toward a person cutting a tree down with a chainsaw is also a bad idea. You won’t know if the tree is being aimed right at you or not. Even if the chainsaw isn’t running the tree could be in the process of being wedged or dragged over.

We know folks get themselves in a rush on a hike or ride, but please don’t shortcut through the hazard-tree work sites!

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