Rob Schultz (Executive at Large)

Executive at large

Rob started mountain biking in 1989 when the snow stopped falling in Ontario and made XC skiing almost impossible. Mountain biking was supposed to be a temporary distraction until the skiing got better.

His first bike was a new DayGlo green and blue Norco Bigfoot, purchased days after being laid off. A few years of school and a new job later he bought his first ‘real’ mountain bike, a Gary Fisher SuperCaliber.

He began racing in 1990 at Kelso and continues to this day.

He became interested in trail advocacy while living in Guelph and was one of the original directors of GORBA. Rob spent many happy hours building trail at Guelph Lake.

After moving away Rob became involved with ORMBA (Ontario Recreational Mountain Bike Alliance) and eventually spent some time as VP Admin of the OCA.

After taking a break from advocacy for a few years,  Rob jumped at the chance to help out with HAFTA. There something special about the satisfaction of riding trail that you’ve help build.

From his first time offroad, riding a rigid 26er on very technical, rocky trails in Dundas, he’s come full circle and rides the very technical, rocky trails in the AF on a rigid 29er.