Sneaking one past Old Man Winter


On Saturday November 27th, a team of HAFTA volunteers hauled in lumber and replaced the crumbling boardwalk on Boundary Trail A (over the creek adjacent to hydro-corridor).

The old boardwalk had seen better days. In addition to rotting it’s been flipped over a few times and ridden over by ATVs. Trips to replace bits of decking were increasing, as was the “boardwalk bounce” – It was time to act. With some beautiful timbers donated by our friends at PAL Lumber the crew set to work.

Note the additional rock work to shore up the landings, great job!

It was a cold day, but they got it done. Shout out to our volunteers for this effort and keeping the trails enjoyable, maintained and safe.

Thanks for your support, we hope everybody enjoys toasty and dry feet this Winter!


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