Revolver trail


The trail gods held back the thunderstorms and HAFTA completed their very first trail build!

We know lifting those rocks is not easy work under the sun especially with the black flies, so we hope forest users will appreciate the extra efforts we took to make such difficult terrain something that all riders can conquer.

We want to thank all of the awesome people who set aside their Saturday morning ride, braved lots of bugs and muggy weather to make this trail happen. Shout-out to HAFTA folks; Jim, Jen, Jovey, Birchy, Andrew, Darryl, Stoner, Misfit Bob, Peter, BigAirGar, Rob, Barry and JJ. Hope nobody was missed and we’re sorry about the extra waiver!

Our next scheduled trail maintenance day is on June 13th and as of now it looks like a lot less work, but you’re still welcome to join us for a morning in the woods.

Building trail and seeing members ride it gets us stoked – See you out there!


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  1. Rob says:

    A fantastic build day – things went much faster/better than any of us thought.

    We built a short but technical re-route that is entirely in keeping with the nature of the AF trails.

    And yes, KOM rivals did work together. You can watch Paul and I duking it out all summer, but the KOM will be broken come winter.

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