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In third quarter 2019 the observant among you would have noticed a subtle change in the local scenery:

These are small signs in a big forest, but if you enjoy the AF single-track then their significance belies their size. The new signs and maps are public indication that AF trails, supported through the hard work performed by HAFTA’s volunteers, have a renewed opportunity to exist.

With such an opportunity at our doorstep today and the previous decade a fading memory, we should take a moment to reflect on the pressures (natural and man-made) that years ago formed a singularity; through which instead of more doom, HAFTA and all these good works have emerged.

We don’t mean to be a wet blanket on this happy moment, but HAFTA has learned that such pressures will never totally disappear. Which means we can’t take the signs as our finish line. So, if the signs aren’t the goal then what’s important about them? They acknowledge that the energy, time and goodwill many individuals gave to kick-start this opportunity hasn’t been in vain. The signs also mean that in the coming years a continuous amount of energy and time will be required to see the trails continue to prosper. To create that future each of us needs to find our way to pay some of the goodwill we have received forward; otherwise the gift never leaves our hands.

Sustaining a bright future for the trails doesn’t mean the trails will take everything back from you they’ve ever given, but it definitely takes some level of reinvestment on your part. The more people who carry their own weight in this respect the lower the burden becomes on others.

One option to pay it forward is volunteering with the 2020-21 Trail Captain program. This program directly helps our fellow forest users through increasing the quality of single-track trails and is crucial to HAFTA fulfilling its new maintenance and inspection commitments to Halton Region. Trail Captain tools and training are provided through us. Another option is to show up and work at trail days. Every Spring and Fall we have a few. We try to offer levels of commitment from basic membership (everybody should have one) to serving the community as a HAFTA board member.

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