PSst, do you have any pink pills?


The antihistamine Diphenhydramine Hydrochloride that is.

A common brand name is Benadryl. Loratadine is an alternative and sold under the name Claritin. Though I think the former is preferred, but causes more drowsiness (can impair your driving). YMMV so use at own risk!

Why would you carry pills like this in you pack?

Well, wasp “season” is here and that’s a problem for lots of people. Already we’re hearing of people who’ve been attacked under the helmet, another under their shirt and yet another person was stung enough to end up hospitalized. People’s reactions to the venom varies, but an antihistamine can help reduce itching and swelling.

Swelling can become as issue and you should manage it. If you have a severe reaction; say it begins to affect breathing you need immediate medical help – Phone 911. Lastly, if you already have an injector use that, not the Benadryl pills.

That said, we recommend the average person to carry a few antihistamine pills while out riding and why not learn how to use an injector so that if somebody has been prescribed needs your help then you can deliver the medicine properly (

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