May the fourth be with HAFTA


May fourth is Star Wars day and co-incidentally for 2019 it was also International Women’s MTB day. Seemed like as good a day as any for HAFTA to set out and repair two sections of trail inside the Agreement Forest. We were really hoping for pleasant weather this time around as we’d been through the ringer recently: The April 20th trail-day saw us operate in a rain-storm and the second “spring” trail-day on April 28th saw us toughing out flurries. Thankfully the conditions on May 4th sort of landed in the middle. Trails certainly weren’t dry and that helped us in some respects, but hindered us in others.

The first section of trail we repaired involved a large armouring project, the goal here was to stop the growth of a mud-pit – After fifteen years it was getting deep enough to throw Han Solo into.

Just started in The Pines. Looking South

The second project involved re-routing a section of RnR trail to avoid an expanding mud pit. This trail had been moved three times in thrice as many years, each movement only a meter up-slope at a time. HAFTA corrected the progressing jog by moving this section of RnR sufficiently up-slope. There was even a small bit of elevation to play with, which is pretty unusual for our forest.

Despite the mucky conditions the entire day was amazing and one of our more satisfying projects. We hope all the trail users enjoy the hard work done by our volunteers.

Build, Maintain, Ride and Represent!

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