HAFTA’s second birthday


On March 30th under freezing rain warnings and wind gusts the community gathered in the warmth of Mohawk Inn’s Conference centre to celebrate the end of another successful year with HAFTA.

Just like the year previous, the second year had brought yet again a new round of challenges and victories¬†for us. President Peter Weldon led off the night with his President’s report which detailed in specific what had been accomplished. Most of these accomplishments are listed in our news section.

After the President’s report our financial officer Barry Szydlik presented our financial status.

We have new t-shirts out for 2017 (softer fabric, casual fit and black) and some of our riding jerseys are still in stock as well. Local Artist Jany Mitges brought a piece of her work in to share.

Our sponsorship coordinator Paulo gave us an update on which organisations in the community are helping out the club

After the various reports on HAFTA’s year we got to some more exciting things such as the raffle of various goodies from sponsors for our members!

After the last raffle prize was handed out we relax and begin the socialising.

This year was short and sweet. Time is flying by so we hope you’re getting out there and riding your bike!

Stay tuned to the goings on in the AF through Facebook, Twitter or the schedule.

See you out there in 2017!

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