Conservation Halton and HAFTA were out maintaining trail!


It was a chilly start to the day with temperatures hovering around 5c, but the weather gods were merciful and the sun shone down on the volunteers. At around 9am all twenty-three¬†of us gathered around the Conversation Area’s garage to receive a briefing on the where, why, how and who.

Groups were then divided into three main work parties, the first and smallest party was equipped with cordless drills and screws. Their job was to walk from Bog’d up over to Wally and the Beav replacing rotten boardwalk decking along the way. The larger second and third crews were sent to the top of CM Rocks. One of those crews then hiked south through CM Rocks to Teleline line with the intentions of re-routing that intersection which had been underwater for a number of weeks. The third and final crew was sent north into Wally and the Beav in order to re-route around flooded areas and install a corduroy road where insufficient rock for armouring was available.

I only have photos from the work on Wally and the Beav, which began with a re-route around a flooded area on the trail. Tunes were put on, sunscreen applied and clearing of brush began. A few large stones were dragged into place so the trail could take advantage of natural rock formations that would keep the tread out of the low area. As much armouring as possible was done and luckily the area our 10m by-pass exited onto was a large section of bedrock. In fact there seems to be a lot of bedrock that is close to the surface in that area. Probably what creates the drainage issues in the spring. We raked the new bypass in as much as possible and the old route was dutifully covered over with whatever nearby scraps could be cut up.

Further ahead on the trail where the new bypass was created another boggy area had developed. In this case armouring with rock is too labour intensive and there simply wasn’t time since the pizza was arriving at 1pm! To fix this boggy area Mark from Conservation Halton sawed up some cribbing and we created a corduroy road. It’s not a permanent solution, but it will last quite a few years and increase the all-weather durability of Wally and Beav.

The radio rang in that pizza was ready so we completed our finishing touches and hiked back to the trucks. It was a pleasant day on the trails and sitting on the picnic bench with familiar faces, sunshine and the cool breeze made the free lunch taste pretty good.

Hope everybody who came had a great time and we’ll see you at another build!

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