2021/22 Fat Bike Loop


In case you’ve been living under a rock (which isn’t that unusual nowadays) we wanted to let you know that HAFTA has posted all the signs for our new Fat Bike loop AND finally Old Man Winter is co-operating.

This year’s loop is brought to you in co-operation with Glen Abbey Physiotherapy. We have been working hard to keep 17.2km of volunteer maintained, but un-groomed trails available for the community to enjoy.

Just get out there, explore, breath in some crisp forest air and relax!

It will do you good,

2021/22 HAFTA FAT BIKE LOOP on Trailforks.com

P.S. Unfortunately there are always “clever” people vandalizing signs, but recently a confused person has escalated their behaviour to include destroying signs entirely. If you see somebody damaging this community’s property please let us know. The signs serve an important role for directing fat-bike traffic and also take the guess work out of a forest network that has no other signage. Here is a link to the route in digital format if you get lost!

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Winter loop 2018/19


Last week we put up temporary signage for the winter loop!
The winter loop is designed to channel users so that they quickly pack down a route after a snow-storm instead of scattering their efforts randomly over the trail network. It also assists the navigation of people who only ride our forest during the winter. This year’s loop is a bit longer and optionally connects to The Den so experienced riders can increase the technical challenge and enjoy that super fun trail.
Be aware that hazards exist on this trail and you ride it at your own risk. We make NO guarantees about safety of conditions or completion of signage! Currently the loop traverses an active logging area, signs might go missing and there is going to be ice.
To see the loop in full please visit:
Thanks and happy trails,
Your HAFTA execs

Grubbin’ is easy


Grubbing a trail into the ground is a comparatively easy task.

Compared to rock work that is.

Going by man-hours, the latter comprises the majority of work yet to be done on the new trail – That contrast is acute in this trail’s case because we’re committed to creating something Intermediate out of “expert” level terrain.

Our hope is Intermediate riders can get a taste of rock-crawling-flow (is that a thing?) when they ride this trail, but this makes our job a tough slog given the terrain, routing around low areas over rocky outcrops and of course Ze Bugs!!

If you see a build day posted, consider helping us reach our goal of completion!

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