Starting August 16th, 2021 and potentially lasting until October 2021, there will be a selective harvest of trees across a parcel of private land our trails cross:

Until further notice the following trails must be closed:

  • Tate Trail
  • Stunt Trail
  • BC Rocks
  • Flow Trail
  • Hammerhead Trail
  • Vietnam
  • The Quarry Trail
  • Power Line
  • All Ages

Island Run and Border Run might remain open, however you must still follow whatever signage has been posted. Conservation Halton’s trails to the south should remain unaffected.

Recognize this harvest means that, essentially, you cannot travel south from Currie tract (excepting Island Run). All the previously mentioned trails cross the private logging area where there are definite hazards. Any persons presence there creates concern for the safety of the operation and may result in work stoppage. Please adjust your ride and hike routes accordingly. If you see damage to the tape or signage let us know.

Everybody’s co-operation and consideration that this is private land will help to keep these trails open.

We understand this will be a major disruption to your favourites, but please understand this land isn’t public property.

Thank you,