HAFTA Patches in stock!


Up for grabs are a limited quantity of iron-on HAFTA patches for your backpacks, frame-bags and flannel dress-shirts.

One of these little hotcakes 🥞 can be yours for $5, plus $1 for a stamp. That’s $6 total to your mailbox or $5 in cash if you spot a board-member in the wild.

The patches are 2.5″ across in freedom-units, which is about 63mm for the rest of the planet. 😬

Inquiries, E-trans and mailing addresses: Garry.drouin@bell.net

Garry is our board-member volunteering to lick all those stamps.😛 Ok, ok, he won’t lick them – We wouldn’t want to cause an international incident! 🤣

Looking like a great weekend on the trails, please park responsibly and keep it real out there.

Thanks for your support,

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