COVID-19 and The AF


Friends, times are changing as are our social norms.

Humans are intensely interconnected. Because of this we need to think about the feedback loops triggered by our action within that web of interconnection.

At a very basic level all of us depend each other to do the right thing. If individuals act with carelessness and corruption then their society falls into chaos.

All of us have the strength to muster the disciple to do the right thing for our family, friends and country.

It’s with this in mind we want to do our best to advise you on a few issues we have seen:

  1. Going to the trails is not self-isolation. Unsurprisingly, the trails are quite busy. With people hit by layoffs and others on 2 week work cycles you will now run into more people; entire families even. If you have been advised to self-isolate due to travel or contact with infected please STAY HOME.
  2. Going on group rides is not social distancing. Group rides are non-essential gatherings and following your friend 2 meters away is probably nonsense rationalizing. They’re exhaling breath like a steam-locomotive and you’re following 2m behind huffing it in for two hours? Bad idea. Remember all people are contagious before they have a symptom and some tiny percentage of people are totally asymptomatic for the entire period and will never know. Social distancing isn’t paranoia – We can’t be sure.
  3. Going after Strava segments and riding at a high-level is probably irresponsible. What if a nurse or doctor has to treat your boo-boo instead of monitor a patient on oxygen/ventilator?
  4. Give people space. Communicate! A person’s personal space is now officially 2 meters or more. Don’t just wiz by them, give proper notice and arrange a method to pass each other. Don’t be a jerk here as you will cause anxiety and stress by crossing into people’s personal space. Maybe somebody yields and walks off trail a few meters, maybe you each agree to hold your breath. For the health of each other please do something.

Lastly we get the sense not much is currently known about the virus forcing this new reality on us. It seems to be flattening healthy young people at random and consistently severely affecting the at risk. Nothing is certain in this world.

Please take care for yourself and for others!


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