Canada Day 2019


Heard that everybody enjoyed their Canada Day long weekend! It got off to a wet start, but conditions were awesome by the end.

Sure is nice to be part of a country that has managed to hold onto areas of forested land which are then made available for its citizens to recreate on. Halton Region

It’s easy to take the existence of these spaces for granted and assume they’ll always be around. We should be wary that in modern times private and opaque corporate entities are increasingly branding their own spaces as “transparent, open and public”. While there is nothing wrong with using an outdoor-product as they exist for a reason, we should be careful not to conflate the policies and modes of governance behind them with those that have generated the outdoor recreational spaces citizens have historically enjoyed in their communities.

After your fun weekend outside, why not reflect on which mode you’re fostering and how that will affect you, your community and the lands we live on.

Hope you have an awesome summer,

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