Hilton Falls Trail Day


Friends of the AF & Hilton Falls!

Yesterday you were probably wondering if it really was April 27th whilst eating your corn-flakes and watching the snow swirl. Sadly that was not a dream; this means HAFTA was actually out volunteering for spring-maintenance with Conservation Halton 😁😁

Boardwalks were repaired and aggressive plants trimmed!

To refresh your memory: That’s one rain-storm soaked trail-day (April 20th) and one freezing-cold trail-day. We don’t want to claim mother nature owes us one, but we sure are hoping Saturday May 4th is a lot sunnier!


Thanks to those who toughed it out yesterday, the pizza certainly helped! 🙂


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Not really “dry”


While you certainly can find a dry bit of trail and things look great from the parking-lot, the AF isn’t dry by any honest measure. A hike easily revealed the over-all scenario.

We’ve heard some other trail networks are open – Best that you go there for the time being! AF can be one of the slowest trail networks to dry out in the spring due to its terrain.


p.s. The footprints and tire-ruts depicted aren’t ours.

Interruption to Currie Lot


Riders the Currie lot is undergoing a bit of hazard tree maintenance and is temporarily unavailable. Please respect the posted signage and tape so that the contractor can complete their work in a timely manner

Lot should be opened up within a few days.

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