Grubbin’ is easy


Grubbing a trail into the ground is a comparatively easy task.

Compared to rock work that is.

Going by man-hours, the latter comprises the majority of work yet to be done on the new trail – That contrast is acute in this trail’s case because we’re committed to creating something Intermediate out of “expert” level terrain.

Our hope is Intermediate riders can get a taste of rock-crawling-flow (is that a thing?) when they ride this trail, but this makes our job a tough slog given the terrain, routing around low areas over rocky outcrops and of course Ze Bugs!!

If you see a build day posted, consider helping us reach our goal of completion!

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Saying goodbye to a cold and wet April.


Under a grey and drizzly sky HAFTA was out volunteering in Hilton Falls on April 28th. Our gang was helping Hilton’s staff to install new trail signage that will benefit our navigation of the forest and their emergency response. I know many riders have asked for this and will be excited to see the signs once they’re fully installed!


The next day many volunteers awoke to a light dusting of snow and subsequently glancing at their calendars; yes it was Sunday, April 29th and snowing in Southern Ontario. The good news was those clouds quickly parted leaving a warm Spring sun to shine down and quickly melt that last bit of snow. Hopefully it’s gone for at least 6 months!!

That Sunday our crews were busying trying to make up for lost time. April’s miserable ice storm and subsequent rain storms had cancelled over half the build days we had scheduled for our new trail. We were really lucky that our first trail day (April 8th) was so popular as this meant that the raking was done which enabled us to start the labour intensive rock-work while a few volunteers wandered about pulling any saplings that crossed the tread.

We’ll be out one last day, then the insects will be taking over for a while. See you this Saturday May 5th, 10am.

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