Trail vandalism


Our community’s trails have been having a string of minor issues lately at, what seems like, the hand of one or two self-important trail users.
I know 99.99% of people reading this are on board with keeping the Agreement Forest’s beautiful limestone rocky trails as natural, raw and frankly speaking – Challenging.
Although we have no idea who is doing this, the point of this post isn’t to stir up paranoia. Nor are we interested in speculation, a bunch of stereotyping and subsequent internet finger-pointing (Not a productive use of your time!)
Thus far the board has been able to repair the various incidents of damage ourselves (no big deal). But this crap is not a productive use of our time or theirs. What we are asking is if anybody out there in our community has actually seen the people doing this and can shine the light down on these bad actors.
If so get in touch with us via the contact section!

UPDATE – We have restored most of the damage, but it will never be the same

Further images of attempted restoration and damage below


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