June 13th Trail Maintenance


It was last trail day of the spring season and HAFTA really lucked out! First we had about twenty riders come to help and secondly the morning was unseasonally dry and cool. Normally when you pick a day in June to-do trail work the temperatures can be sweltering and the bugs smothering so you usually call it quits before noon since that is when people become tired and talk begins of a mutiny. Thankfully this day we worked right up until noon and as a result accomplished a variety of tasks.


The largest project of the day was taking place on the Stunt Trail. HAFTA set an ambitious goal of replacing some ageing woodwork with rock.


The work on the Stunt trail was not easy. Though rocks are far more durable than wood the ones you get stuck with are usually a lot heavier, awkward to lift and don’t come in easy to work with dimensions. Working with rocks is a bit like trying to solve a puzzle with missing pieces. This is where creativity, experience and strength comes in. Thankfully HAFTA has quite a few members that have those qualities in spades and we made short work of a job which would have taken any other group much longer.

Elsewhere in the Agreement Forest three handfuls of volunteers walked the trails with pruners, saws and axes to deal with widow-maker trees, braiding issues and pruning back ravenous foliage.

Another group closed the steep fall-line trail that our new Revolver trail has superseded.

All in all we think the day was a great success. The attitude that got our volunteers out of their pyjamas and into the Mohawk parking lot is the reason this place can still exist and be fun to ride.

Thank you for supporting HAFTA and we hope you make the most of summer by getting out and riding the trails.


PS: We have projects coming in the fall so please watch your inbox and if you want to give feedback  contact us ! 🙂

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Small update


There is a huge poison ivy patch growing between the Burnt Out Car double-track and I Will Allow It. Please stay on the trail when you ride I Will Allow It. Closing braiding and multiple entrances created by lazy people isn’t how we want to spend our time. Keep that single-track single!

The creeks are also very high.

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