Upcoming Permanent Parking Area* Closure


The forest entrance* at the corner of Fourth Line Nassagaweya and 10 Side Road is set to be closed this Fall. The impromptu nature of this space came to the fore when (what we assume is) the overflow of vehicles due to the closure of Mohawk Raceway’s lot began showing up. During Fall, boulders are set to be dragged outwards to prevent any further parking at that entrance off fourth and ten.

Please obey road signage and always park in a safe location (not in front of the boulders in the live traffic lane).

Looking forward to some beautiful Fall weather and please help keep the forest clean!


BTW: Mohawk Raceway has removed the barriers from their lot and we’ve heard people are no longer being ticketed by security there. Mohawk is usually very accommodating so long as we keep dogs on a leash, don’t drink/smoke-up, loiter or litter. Please remember they’re a private business that doesn’t owe you a parking space.

*This is intended to obstruct the entrance to the access road only, your access to parking on the shoulder will not change.

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