Trail captains are an integral part of stewarding the Agreement Forest trail network. Each captain listed below has volunteered to regularly maintain and inspect approximately 2 to 2.5km of trail as frequently as is practical.

Starting in July 2018, our Trail Captain program has been sponsored by ParkingBOXX!! Many thanks for their generous donation to the trails and community! This donation is excellent news as the funds goes directly into repairing, replacing, upgrading and purchasing tools the Trail Captains need to do their work efficiently and safely.

Do you want to help volunteer? Let us know how you want to help by emailing

Captain 1 – Morris

Captain 2 – Darryl W.

Captain 3 – Pete

Captain 4 – Garry

Captain 5 – Jake

Captain 6 – Barry

Captain 7 – Zeus(injury)

Temporarily relieved by Victor Bruck (Many thanks!!)

Captain 8 – Jen

Captain 9 – Paulo

Captain 10 – JJ