A short history:

A generation which ignores history has no past — and no future.” – R. Heinlein

Landmarks and trails listed below are not all in existence today.

Please note these maps are now depreciated and are of historical record.
Please use trailforks for the latest data
None of the trails in our forest are signed

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Named after the Rush song this trail was built after exploring the outer edges of the “rock wall” and boundaries of the north east AF. Designed as a trail that would permit using the maximum available property to the borders of the 4th line double track and main trail, Zanadu has many rock gardens, skinnies, some climbs, and sees very high ridership. Now tying in to the Lost-Boys trail and the rock wall, it provides multiple options and challenges.

Rated intermediate with advanced features all of which have by-passes.

Inner Zanadu

Built a couple of seasons after the original to make use of undeveloped rock features buried inside Zanadu. This short, very technical loop is designed to guide riders to the famous rock outcropping near the river’s edge in the right direction.

Rated intermediate with advanced features all of which have by-passes.

Boundary Trail

Built to make use of the south east and center sections of the AF, the Boundary trail took the longest to complete. A full 2 seasons of work went into building this flagship trail. Now fully developed, with famous landmarks like Gnome Rock, The Rock Drop, The Rock Point, 2 long rock wall rides, and numerous skinnies and other technical features the Boundary will never leave you disappointed.

Of interest, the original lay-out was significantly altered after Conservation Halton requested a section be closed skirting a pond, which was a masterpiece of rock work on the cambered edge of the pond including 2 rock bridges across the feeder steams. However, keeping 80% of the original trail open this closure was a small sacrifice in hind sight, but sometimes the little closures sting the most.

Rated intermediate with advanced features all of which have by-passes.

Stunt Trail

Now on its 4th iteration and soon to be 5th make over, no one really knows who built the original stunt trail. The first was by far the best with a curved and elevated skinny, drops, and techy gnar everywhere. Some will remember the back side of the stunt trail also had another section that was only around for one season, but included a gap jump and skinny that spilled back onto the original. Our new found friend the “green violet” brought that to an end just as things were getting good. For 2015 the stunt trail’s wooden structures will once again need revitalization, so stay tuned for a new and improved version.

Rated intermediate with advanced features all of which have by-passes.

Lost-Boys/Frank's Trail

Built as an alternate route across the hydro line, this trail links into the Boundary at the second rock wall. With multiple rock gardens, a skinny, and a hidden drop this connector trail is a ton-of-fun.

Rated intermediate with advanced features and limited by-passes.

B.C. Rocks

Originally flagged and started by the “Dundas Crew” B.C. Rocks was designed to have elevated ladder bridges tying the large rock features together giving it that “Shore” feeling. As with many trails, they get adopted by others over time and now it’s a mere shell of what it was intended to be. Still, today it has 3 large technical rock gardens to challenge you, a newly created rock and wooden bridge section near the creek bed to avoid seasonal mud and enhance sustainability. It eventually spills out near the top of the quarry trail.

Rated intermediate with advanced features all of which have by-passes.

Christmas Trail

Designed and built as a way to have more single track options instead of always using the double track in and out of the AF. To this day this trail still floods and has many wet zones that make it seasonal in use. Many hours were spent trying to find the driest possible route with the final alignment happening just around Christmas. Originally unnamed, the Christmas Trail moniker was adopted by default. Two difficult sections were closed on the ridge line for environmental reasons that led to the re-route over to the entrance of the stunt trail off the main trail. At one time there was a 6 foot gap jump to nearly flat with a gnarly little “in” across the exposed edge of a 10 foot rock ledge.

Rated intermediate with advanced features all of which have by-passes.


Built after seeing the beautiful rock faces begging to be ridden just off the main trail. More single track was always the goal. Connecting to the Turkey trails and eventually the Broken Down Snowmobile trail, Grinder is best ridden in one direction and is mostly uphill with tight rocky switchbacks eventually leading the exposed cliff edge and a rocky descent with a sharp left at the bottom, Grinder is well….a Grind.

Rated Advanced with no bail outs.


Bordering on the edge of private property and a small quarry patrolled by Rottweiler’s years back, some of the original AF riders were chased up the trees by said beasts. After numerous local dogs went missing and ongoing confrontations escalated, eventually the Rotty’s were put down. As a dog owner sad I know, but necessary. Oh yeah…the trail! Featuring the famous climb that gets made 1 out 10 times (though it doesn’t look like much) this beauty has lots of challenging terrain and rock features eventually connecting with the (help) trail and the river crossing.

Rated intermediate with advanced features and limited by-passes.

I will allow it

Built in 2011, I will allow it always puts a smile on my face. Built to utilize the fantastic natural ridge line separating the double track, I will allow it is a semi-flow trail built almost entirely on rock. Unsanctioned upon its creation, the excellent working relationship HAFTA members have with Conservation Halton eventually led to its rather quick approval. Now a favorite of many, I Will Allow it got its name when the HAFTA President decreed “ I WILL ALLOW IT”! Most who know him will find this quite amusing.

Rated Advanced with limited bail outs.

Bat Boxes

As the name implies the Bat Boxes mark the trail entrance off the 10th sideroad double track. A sweet technical trail that experienced braiding and had to be scaled back to one line in 2016.

Rated intermediate with advanced rock gardens and limited by-passes.

Fraggle Rock

Built in 2012 Fraggle Rock was named by a longtime AF rider. As an extension of the Stunt Trail it eventually connects with the Hydro Line. Fraggle Rock has only been ridden successfully by a select few and featured in a e-magazine shoot as seen on Riding Feels Good! Built to restore a collapsing structure, it morphed into a small gap jump, but was eventually dumb down so that the transition no longer actually had a gap. Going left off the elevated wooden ramp, leads to a very steep rock face approximately 6 feet up and straight down…bring your dropper and iron shorts for this one.

Rated EXPERT with NO bail outs.

This feature is not connected to our trail network and the above text is only for historical use.

Broken Down Snowmobile

Broken Down Snowmobile(BDS) is likely one of the original trails of the AF, BDS wonders extensively across the south west area of the AF. An easier, fast and flowy trail BDS eventually leads to the Rock Drop where the rider has 3 options for descending a fun downhill rock ledge for about 30 feet. Careful on the upper expert line!

Rated intermediate with advanced rock gardens and limited by-passes.

Burnt Out Car

The name for a double-track in, look off into the woods in the fall or spring and you’ll see the remains of a real redneck parkin’ job.

Rated easiest.

The Pines

Find the Pines and let er rip! This inter-connecting and crisscrossing network of trails is fast and flowy and can be accessed from many other trails. After last season’s ice storm and logging some may not recognize the Pines but it’s still I nice break from bashing rocks all day.

Rated easiest with some climbing.

Lost Guy

A sweet little turn around on the north side of the pines this trail always has something interesting going on with it from bush parties to the odd lean-to.

Rated intermediate with no bail-out

Reroute by the Pines

The first IMBA designed and built trail in the AF. This re-route was requested by the regional ecologist as the old trail ran through an environmental study area. This technical single track has multiple rock features and some challenging switchbacks to test your skills.

Rated intermediate with advanced features and limited by-passes.

Whale Tail

The second IMBA designed and built trail in the AF, the Whale tail will open in the spring of 2015 after the closure of the trail near an electrified fence. After careful consultation with the land owner and the Region this bypass was developed to mitigate potential issues from the farming operations of the land owner. The new alignment has a signature rock outcropping that looks like a humpback whale. It reconnects with the original trail alignment on the south side of the Hydro line.

It also makes a great filter feature for the AF, if you have trouble riding down this you might need more practice.

Rated intermediate with rock features all of which have by-passes.


Built and named after the Offspring song Hammerhead, playing on an AF rides iPod at the time this trail was built off the back of the quarry trail as a one way connector down the zones rock ledges to eventually join up to the main trail and turkey trails.

Lyrics on his mind at time:

“Through this doorway

What’s on the other side

Never knowing

Exactly what I’ll find”

Heavily modified and upgraded over the years Hammerhead has multiple skinnies, rock up and overs, a jump and would be rated difficult by most.

Noobs will probably know this one as Oil Drum since there is an oil drum on it.

Rated Advanced with limited bail outs.

Perry's Portage

Named after an original AF rider who sadly passed away on the trail many years ago, Perry’s has a famous river crossing that most portage across to avoid a swim. Only the bravest ride across and make it, if not a little worse or wet for wear. With some fast, flowy sections through the forest from the 6th line lot and rocky technical Perry’s is not to be missed.

Rated Advanced with limited bail outs.

Ranchy Rocks

This trail leads up to fifth-sideroad and can be very boggy. It often sees a lot of horse traffic. Since you can’t park at the top this trail is more of an out and back, rarely ridden, but fun when it’s dry and cleaned.

Rated Intermediate with no bailout

Hidden Gem/Geocache

If the AF is a hidden gem in Ontario, then this trail is a gem inside of a gem. Rarely ridden trail is perhaps one of the most remote and quiet in the AF. A flowy ride from the upper lot on 6th line with numerous log-overs.

Rated Intermediate with no bail outs.

Turkey Trails

Originally discovered quite by accident these turkey and deer trails were incorporated into the AF network after a few seasons of light use as a means of adding variety to the zone. Now fully developed with some technical trail features, these 4 inter-connecting trails have further enhanced the riding opportunities in and around the Broke Down Snowmobile trail.

Rated intermediate with some features all of which have by-passes.

Teapot connector

This eponymous trail was named after a random teapot found in the woods. It links the Christmas and boundary trails together.

Rated intermediate.

Tate Trail

Named after our late friend Paul Tate who saved the life of another rider in the grips of a wasp-induced anaphylactic shock. Paul rushed him out of the forest and to hospital. This trail is an easy exit from the forest or a nice way to warm up. Watch out for the ticks as grasses grow very high in the summer.

Tate makes for an easy out after a long ride

Rated easiest with limited bailouts.

Vicki's trail

Built as bailout from the more difficult Zanadu route, this trail continues out from the Zanadu/Boundary trail intersection to the 10th sideroad allowance. Beware there is a patch of poison ivy at the very end – stay on trail.

Rated easy with limited no bailouts.

Jimmie's Jaunt

A little known trail in the Pines allegedly constructed by two long time riders.

Rated easy

10th sideroad allowance

Once a road that lead to an somebody’s cabin(since demolished) this double track now connects Vicki’s run and Boundary trail to the Bat boxes.

Rated easy

Head Case

Built in 2008/09 after a difficult period in his work life that led to a full year off work for “stress leave” this AF rider named the trail Head Case. With such an extended amount of time to explore this previously undeveloped zone, it led to the creation of this 5 kilometer gem being flagged, built and opened in less than 1 year. With its trademark technical switchback or optional triple rock ledge descent to a skinny as a drop in, it soon became the hard core technical rider’s favorite!

But, it was not meant to last…after the conservation authority’s takeover of management of the AF, an environmental assessment and inventory of the trail network was undertaken and Head Case was soon on their radar. The discovery of “green violet” and other species at risk in large areas of the trail soon led to its closure after several tenuous meetings with the stakeholders. This was a very hard lesson learned and was the beginning of this builders transition from “rogue builder” to a sanctioned trail steward. It also enlightened many to ecology, sustainable trail building and the spirit of cooperation that could be developed working with others. Single track, rocky, technical, features, skinnies, exposed with some small technical climbs.

Rated Expert with no bail outs.

Nomad trail/6th Line Stunt Trail

Built six years ago or so this beauty has numerous advanced lines including multiple skinnies, two switchback rock descents, a drop, a long rock wall ride and some climbing to boot. If you are near No Dab make your way over to this gem and test your skills, you won’t be disappointed!

Rated Advanced with limited bail outs.

Rated P.G.

Also known as the “flowiest trail in mohawk” or “boring trail”

Rated easy with bailouts.

Deer Trail

This one was real popular with the wildlife, so much so that it became worn in enough for us!

Rated intermediate with limited bailouts

Tough Climb

Found in the Wandering lynx area. A real tough climb.

Rated intermediate

Island Run

Crossing at the rock bridge over the river and heading north east provides the greatest challenge for the rider. A long technical trail with two short but difficult climbs that only a select few have ever cleaned. Eventually connecting at the 4 corners, this provides the option to head over to 5 bridges or back to the main trail across the newly constructed wooden bridge.

Rated Expert with no bail outs often muddy.

Island Run Bypass

Heading north east again the Island Run Bypass was created to avoid a particularly muddy section of five bridges. Hang left when you see the entrance but be warned this is no easy by-pass. Extremely rocky with a technical skinny thrown in for good measure the IRB eventually leads to the river and junction of bogged up.

Rated Expert with no bail outs

H2O n' Over

H2O n’ Over is trail section in wandering lynx named by the F-group that involves a bit of water depending on the season.

Rated intermediate with bailouts

Bellhouse Bog

Not part of the AF, but an infamous section of five-bridges since armored with rocks

Rated Intermediate with limited bailouts

The Quarry

The Quarry trail is the one and only fast downhills in the AF. Starting off at the junction of Hammerhead you can boost a couple of rock ledges, get some air and perhaps scare yourself a little if you pin it. Once down, staying left on the main trail will eventually take you over to Campbellville side road, a sharp right takes you back to the Hydro line and eventually the main trail to Mohawk Raceway.

Rated Advanced with limited bail outs.


Built in 1963 by an AF rider who was a helicopter pilot this short by-pass trail was designed as a technical climb around the left side of the quarry pond so you don’t get hit by someone flying down the right. Find this legend and he will guide you around and tell you about his missions and eventual capture in 67 by the Vietcong after being shot down over enemy lines. Don’t miss it!

Rated intermediate with a moderate climb.


All that remains of this amazing trail is a rock at the entry.

At one time Improbable was considered the most difficult trail in the AF. If you conquered this gem without dabbing you instantly achieved “hero status”. Used for many years as the main connector entrance to Hilton Falls it also unfortunately ran through sensitive marsh lands and ponds. Often muddy and strewn with technical rock gardens, even staying upright was often a challenge. After considerable negotiation this favourite was permanently decommissioned in 2011, but still generates fond memories for many.

Rated Advanced with limited bail outs.

Sweet Marie

A delicious distraction on the way to Improbable.

Rated: Expert with no bailout.

Fifth Avenue

Take a stroll down fifth ave, this little treat is on your way into five bridges.

Rated Intermediate