NEVER rely on contacting HAFTA through e-mail or social media if you or a friend are in immediate danger.

We do not monitor our accounts 24/7.

Dial 911

If you don’t have a phone signal, scream for help and get that person to Dial 911!

Nearby Hilton Falls Gate has an AED on site: Phone (905) 854-0262

Overview of HAFTA’s trails

For 911 dispatch the forest roads can be accessed only by UNLOCKING a gate (Conservation Halton Security has a key):

  • 10050 Sixth Line Nassagaweya, Milton, Ontario is the address of the parking lot near No Dab and Perry’s Portage. This is the southernmost road-access point on the East side of the trails.
  • 10200 Sixth Line Nassagaweya, Milton, Ontario is the address of the north eastern road-access point to the trails. Nearby trails are Chain Reaction.
  • 9475 Halton Regional Road 1/ Guelph Line is the address of the South Westernmost road-access point (opposite to Mohawk Raceway). Nearby trails are Hydro-corridor, Strangler, Stunt Trail, Christmas trail and Flow Trail.
  • 3510 Side-road Ten, Milton, Ontario is mid-forest the road-access point on the West-side to access Currie-Mahon double-track. Nearby trails are Vicki’s trail, Inner Xanadu, Boundary trail A/B and Bat Boxes.
  • Where Fourth Line Nassagaweya and Side-road Ten meet there is an access point (May 2019 it’s too damaged for an ambulance to drive down, but will be repaired). Nearby trails are I Will Allow It.
  • 10125 Fourth Line Nassagaweya is the address of the North Western point of the access road to trails. Nearby trails are The Pines, The Den, IMBA, RNR
Consider keeping the TrailForks App handy, it has an emergency button which you can use to provide your co-ordinates to Search and Rescue.
Search and Rescue staff can input these data into the TrailForks site and see your location: or use their own system to do.
Some phones may also be able todo this on their own without an app

A few tips, please note these are in no means sufficient tips to keep you safe. Such things are up to you!

  • Cellphone
  • Water and a snack
  • Tools to repair your bicycle
  • Medications (EPI-PEN!) and small first aid kit that includes gauze and disinfectant/rinse.
  • Extra clothing depending on weather
  • Telling somebody where you went in case your phone has no signal

If you ever get lost, the best chance to get out is staying on the double-track. Do not continue travelling on the single-track, it is not signed, the forest is quite large and emergency services will have a very hard time finding you.