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It was a damp and chilly start to the October build day, with a rainstorm ending only hours before trail-day was set to begin we were worried about how much help would come. Thankfully many of you are passionate enough about trails and giving back to the community that a few grey clouds didn’t get in your way.

The main project of the day was armouring low spots at the AF connection to Hilton Fall’s Five-Bridges trail. This location has always been home to a muddy mess after just a small amount of rain. In the pre-HAFTA days a thoughtful forest user had attempted to fix the mud patch with some armouring – Unfortunately their fix was narrow and bumpy so people simply rode beside it creating an adjacent mud patch. On the 25th of October, in an attempt to stop erosion, the old armouring was torn up and replaced with a wider and smoother version. Hopefully the new design will catch all traffic and prevent the mud patch from reappearing.

Since the turnout was good(about 15 people) we were able to split into two different groups, the second group was given the task of fixing some deficiencies on the Christmas trail. The first involved removal of some fallen trees and in particular the Muskoka Dreams sign which had some surprisingly large nails underneath it. If you were particularly attached to the sign and like to ride Christmas trail in the downhill direction it should appease you to know that the sign was replaced with a roller which should be safer and last much longer.

After we replaced the old sign on Christmas trail, the group headed over to the long rock-face, where a fractured ramp covered in ratty wire was being used as the alternate line. In the past we had tried to remove this ramp entirely, it really was nasty, but some riders kept re-installing it so we decided to give these people what they wanted! Maybe they have really low bottom brackets? At any rate a new ramp was created out of rock and should provide years of fun.

The last project took place at the bottom of the rock face on Christmas trail. Among other parts, this trail section is one of the last bits to dry in the spring, so we began the armouring again. It was a labour that took the majority of group b’s time with their leader pleading “Just one more rock.” I have a feeling we’ll need to visit the Christmas trail again, but for now we’re onto our next project which will take place in the Mahon tract. Looks like we’re finishing a boardwalk that was started a few years back. Stay tuned and please come out to help keep the AF awesome!

Beer o' clock

Out of sight in the night out of sight in the day, Lookin’ back on the track gonna do it my way. Come join and make trails!


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  1. Andrew Czettisch says:

    I thoroughly enjoy staying connected via all the photos you guys post. Having recently relocated to Vancouver for my wife’s work, I can safely say I think of often, and miss riding the Agreement Forest. The riding in BC is fantastic, but after exploring much of the North Shore and Squamish, Hilton Falls and Agreement remains one of the best, most unique trail networks in Canada/Ontario. It was apparent that the Agreement Forest needed a strong advocate and ‘united’ voice, as it lacked this in the last few years. I’m so reassured that Gary is this advocate and group lead, and I’m encouraged by his ideas to make the network the best it can be. Because the Vancouver area is so damn expensive, and because all our friends and family reside in Ontario, it’s likely we will be back in a few years. I look forward to getting back to my weekly rides at Agreement and even more excited for the ongoing potential it has. With mountain biking growing in popularity and becoming more accepted, I feel like the ideas of HAFTA will be received in a more positive light in the coming years. Thanks to Gary and all his group for the hard work and maintenance of this gem of a trail network. Please continue to post as many photos as you can on here, so that I can still feel connected to my most beloved place to ride. – Andrew

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