Paul ‘Paulo’ Laberge (Sponsorship Director)

Sponsorship and Media Director

You’ll most likely know him by the name Paulo!

Ever since he could pedal a bike Paulo has been addicted to riding and spent significant time searching near his childhood home of Mississauga and Oakville for any trails that he could explore. At sixteen he got in serious trouble from his parents for spending his entire baby bonus savings on a premium mountain bike – A Marin Palisades Trail. Two years later he acquired his drivers’ licence and an official MTB addiction really took off! Having that licence(and car) allowed him to travel further distances and explore many different trail systems throughout the GTA and beyond. It was not long after that Paulo got his first taste of the Agreement Forest.

Now a proud “Rock Rider”, Paulo has been hammering his pedals at the AF trails since around year 2000. At that time, he remembers the trails being extremely challenging and offered a unique back-country feeling. The technical challenge of riding the exposed rocks and less ridden singletrack had him coming back for more and more.

As he’d say “The more rocks, the better!”.

Today Paulo is an accomplished mountain bike rider. Aboard his Yeti Cycles bikes he has travelled to various destinations throughout Ontario, parts of Quebec and the United States in search of top single-track adventure, but the Agreement Forest trails are where his heart remains.


Paulo gladly accepted a role on the HAFTA board of executives, with his professional background in environmental management and community consultation plus being a complete MTB junkie who is huge advocate of MTB trail development and protection he’s a great fit. Now he’s excited to begin looking for support from the community so HAFTA can begin bettering and growing the Agreement Forest trail system and the people who use it.

You can follow Paulo’s MTB adventures via his Instagram profile @crankngrind. He’ll also be the guy behind HAFTA’s Instagram profile @agreementforest

Favourite trail in the AF: Boundary Trail