Jeff ‘JJ’ Konefał (Secretary)



JJ first learned of the Agreement Forest in the late 90s when a buddy phoned him up one summer afternoon with news that Gary Fisher was having a free demo day at some place called Hilton Falls and that he’d be a fool to miss it. That evening while the Gary demo trailer was being unloaded the sky began to threaten rain and by the time the demo started dark clouds were appearing on the horizon. The group forged on, most of them not wanting to miss the opportunity to ditch their rigid bikes and ride a then exotic full suspension bike for the first time – even if it did mean getting soaked.

By the time the group got the to the top of Hilton the skies had opened up with lightning and thunder. They needed to quickly decide which trail to take back, somebody suggested the double-track and they were met with groans, another rider excitedly suggested Bent Rim and promptly added that it would be a great trail to “test” the bikes on. The rep’s face became nonplussed, but it was irrelevant, the group was already excitedly cranking away before he could dissuade anybody.

Back then bent rim was more rugged than today. Just hiking was difficult, it was a mountain biking challenge the likes of which he’d never experienced before. As Winston Churchill once said “There is nothing more exhilarating than being shot at with no result.” and riding Bent Rim for the first time in a raging thunderstorm when you don’t even own a real mountain bike certainly qualified.

Two snapped frames, a mangled dérailleur and fun time later we were back in the lot.

Decades later JJ returned, but Gary Fisher never did! 🙂