Garry Drouin (Trail Director)

Director, Trail Operations

One of the original Agreement Forest riders from way back Garry is about pushing the envelope on bikes and has broken every one he owned. Nowadays he is a seasoned AF veteran and knows that light and fast doesn’t necessarily mean reliable (for him).

Growing up riding and racing motocross he loved being up in the air, so much so that Garry earned the nickname BigAirGar. Many years and crashes later he hasn’t lost his love of air, but now chooses to go by the nickname NoAirGar… lol.

Garry was inspired to build trail after repeated viewings of the North Shore movie series and seeing the incredible trails of Vancouver’s Shore. It became apparent to Garry after a few years of building trail that he enjoyed it as much as riding. As a result BigAirGar has an extensive trail portfolio. It is rumoured that some of his past handiwork includes; the Pepsi trail network and bridge in Dundas, Waterdown’s (Dirty Little Secret) and countless unmentionable others. He really put in the hours, but unfortunately there are no guarantees with rogue trails.

Eventually Garry learned the hard way that building trails and keeping trails open and rideable are two very different things. After many heartbreaks and rebuilds in Waterdown, including a copy of the triple articulating teeter-totter made famous from the Flying Circus, it soon become clear that rogue building would never be tolerated in Ontario. Today Waterdown is barely a shell of what it was, but fortunately the trails at AF remained under the radar and for a good many years and the building was feverish. Garry has since moved on from the rogue days, but the riding community benefits from his hard-work as many of the early AF trails have been grandfathered into our sanctioned trail network.

I’m thrilled and excited about the opportunity to be working with HAFTA and very happy to be back home in the AF working to Build, Maintain, Ride and Represent on your behalf