Soapy rocks


Have you ever wondered why rocks are so grippy in the winter and early spring, but really slippery in the summer (humid rocks are THE worst) and fall? It’s not just rain because the spring is pretty darn wet isn’t it and the rocks are the same. What gives? Well first lets talk about those rocks.

I ain’t a geologist, but seems to me the type of rock in the AF is primarily something called dolostone – Also known as dolomitic limestone.

According to some geologists the majority of rocks in the AF began forming approximately about 450 Million years ago at the bottom of a then tropical sea. First as limestone from shells of dead critters and then later morphing into the tougher dolomitic limestone we have today. Obviously the sea has since disappeared and exposed what we now call the ground – Something composed from the shells of billions and billions of dead sea critters. Maybe the goth kids were right? Anyways.

So we have rain and limestone, what on earth is the third factor? – It’s living stuff like algae and moss.

Combine these three factors in a stable and warm enough environment and you get soapy rocks – Read on:


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