Log your miles on The Den


Single-track conditions are mostly “super fast crunchy ice” this weekend (Jan 22nd, 2021), but there’s solid ice on the double-tracks. BTW!! If you’re a member that uses Strava be sure to get yourself some laps in on The Den.

Come Spring Glen Abbey Physiotherapy is going to award one lucky person from the Strava-pool of members that logged two or more loops on The Den a bunch of 12-speed freshness!

Don’t forget that COVID rules apply: Everybody allowed to go out and exercise, but remember to only visit our trails alone or with (up to 4) other members of your household and maintain a two meter distance from other visitors. 😷


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2 Responses to “Log your miles on The Den”

  1. Mark Jordan says:

    Other than
    1. Ride the loop
    2. Track the ride
    3. Load it to Strava
    4. Be a member of HAFTA on Strava

    Is there some action I need to do to “share” my rides on The Den so that they are counted?

    • Jeff says:

      Nothing further,
      People who joined the Strava group will need to actually be members of HAFTA.

      Any potential winner will first be checked against the official membership list.

      Good luck!

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