What we really mean when we say the trails are poor and flooded is that they’re essentially closed. Below are pictures from the southern part of the forest.

If that doesn’t have enough impact then consider photos from the north western side.

This weekend a few people rode the vulnerable sections anyway.

That sucks because the flooded areas are all in little terrain bowls and if enough people ride or hike the flooded single-tract in these bowls we’ll end up with trail treads that are weak and chronically collect water. Slowly and steadily that low tread gets churned and loose/muddy enough that we end up having to armour it(extremely laborious). Unfortunately having these trails go through low areas is sometimes the only option given the rockiness and all the small tributaries. We do want to improve this aspect with some trail re-alignments.

To reiterate, under these extraordinary conditions we’re going to go beyond poor and state the trails are “closed”. Hopefully that is a strong enough message. This is really going to take some time to dry up since the old Nassagaweya(nazhesahgewayyong) Township is living up to it’s name as a place with more than one river!

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