Trail care day

Our Goal – Armour a muddy section and remove some very rotten wooden structures.

Spare gloves, waterproof boots, sunglasses or safety glasses are recommended.

NEW! The Halton Region has given us a revised waiver that must be signed by all members who intend to participate(This means you – Sorry!)

Volunteer Works on Halton Regional Forest Lands – Release and Indemnification form

I will have some on hand at the event, but we will be heading into the forest immediately at 9am.

You are of course very free to arrive afterwards and try to locate us – It won’t be a problem so long as you are waiver’d up and don’t need instruction on the correct way to armour trail and source rocks.

This is going to be an awesome day working on our trails, lets hope the weather doesn’t complicate it.

Work site:
The Work area

Date: Sun Oct 25, 2015

Time: 9am

Location: Mohawk's North East corner, Get directions