Rebuilding Robbies’ (2 of 2) 2018

NOTE: This one starts at 1pm, we’re trying to cash in on some warmer temps ūüôā

Help us fix one of the worst sections of trail in the forest, Robbie’s challenge runs through the draw of a large pond: We can rebuild him though!

On this day, HAFTA with support from Region of Halton will be cleaning up the old rotten decking currently in place, covering over the old trail, cutting a reroute (Approx 150meters) on slightly higher ground, constructing 8 meters of footbridge to cross the seasonal channel and armouring that one sharp corner that is always muddy (too small for a footbridge). We’ll also be smoothing out much of the high-ground through this low area as it has a few rocky outcroppings.

WHAT: Ironing out and securing our¬†rock-work, levelling any lumpy tread,¬†re-naturalizing the old section of Robbie’s and stacking boardwalk near I Will Allow It for the upcoming selective thinning of forest (Nov 15th onwards)

HOSTING:  Garry, Barry, Weldon and JJ

EQUIPMENT: Warm clothing, personal protective¬†equipment (sturdy boots, gloves, glasses and etc),¬†pulaskis, shovels,¬†rock prying bars, rock slings and 10lb sledge hammers.¬†Plus anything else you think might help with the “WHAT” above;¬†just¬†keep in mind that you have to carry it for at least the¬†10 minute hike in to the site!¬†ūüôā


Please arrive by 1pm

Help us say goodbye to the mud-pit on Robbie’s

Date: Sun Oct 21, 2018

Time: 1pm

Location: Parking lot off of Fourth Line Nassagaweya, Get directions