Hilton Falls Volunteer Day 2018

HAFTA crew; here’s the info!

The staff at Hilton Falls Conservation Area, are very excited to announce that we are launching an improved and standardized Trail signage system at Hilton Falls and across our parks. This system was rolled out at Mount Nemo Conservation area last spring.

The new system will have better wayfinding graphics, assigned location numbers on each post for better emergency response coordination, and in the case of our bike trails, the trail names and IMBA difficulty ratings!

Our trail maintenance day will primarily consist of carrying the posts from the closest access points to predetermined locations, where we will attempt to dig a hole deep enough to prevent heaving due to frost. Who doesn’t like a challenge???

Suggested tools to bring, will be shovels, pry bars and slings to carry 6”x 6” x 8’ PT posts. They are manageable to carry by hand, and we are aiming to assign groups of 4 to each location. This would allow switching carriers so that no one has to carry the whole load. Teamwork at its finest! Obviously many hands make light work, so the more the merrier.

This will only be possible with the assistance of our Mountain Biking community. You have selflessly donated your time to our annual spring maintenance day for many many years, and as we have said in the past, we are so very grateful for your time and assistance.

Please arrive at 8:30am

Lunch provided at/around 1-1:30pm

Please RSVP to Mark Roelofson at mroelofson@hrca.on.ca


*Please announce to the gate attendant that you’re here with HAFTA to volunteer – Admission is free for volunteers!

Date: Sat Apr 28, 2018

Time: 8:30

Location: Hilton Falls Conservation Area, Get directions