Conservation Halton & Hilton Falls Maintenance Day

We’re volunteering in Conservation Halton’s Hilton Falls property for their spring clean up. Let the gate attendant know you are volunteering and please be at the large garage by 9am, there will be a safety talk and we’ll be ready to go.

The event wraps up at 1pm with free lunch provided for volunteers. Usually its pop & pizza, but this is at Conservation Halton’s discretion.


Task one: Crew of 4 to replace 8 foot long rotten bridge at the west end of Bogg’ed up, then walk the Five Bridges and Wally and the Beav to replace rotten 2×4 deck boards on those bridges. (we have flagged the ones to be replace.) People who want to work on this could bring battery drills if possible (no2 Robertson bits likely)

Task two: Crew of 6 could go and reroute the intersection of Teleline lane and C.M. Rocks. Will need rakes, stone bar and pruners.

Task three+: Crews of 6 can work on a couple small reroutes out of the mud along Wally and the Beav and Five Bridges. We will build a couple log ramps where their are no rocks or reroutes possible. Need a rock bar, pruners and rakes.

HAFTA will bring their supply of tools, if you don’t have anything suitable we likely will.

Weather permitting (chance of lightning will cancel this event so please check back the morning of)


Cya there!

Date: Sat Apr 22, 2017

Time: 9am

Location: Hilton Falls parking lot, Get directions