AF Trail care season begins

Spring is coming, green foliage, sunshine, shorts… and then the bugs. Lets get out there before the latter is a big deal! We’ve got two major projects on tap for this first day.

Meet us at 9am, in the Mohawk Raceway lot, make sure you’re waiver’d up and we’ll drive over to the trails.

The first task of the year is rehabilitating The Pines. Ever since the logging hit it has been a disaster with people riding every which direction and “grabby/pokey” plants taking root. So we’ll be going in to distinguish the proper lines around and then removing all the weeds overgrowing the trail.

Site One


At the second site we’ll be tackling one of the deficiencies found in Halton Region’s forest survey. The issue here is the numerous lines(braiding) that became established at the Bat Box trail. First came the original line, then came the existing line, then came another line on the far side and now there is a fourth line in the middle of the last two. Just too many trail braids in too small of an area, it drew the survey crew’s attention, so we’ve been politely asked to close at least two of the lines. Help us do the right thing and make it stick. We will buff up the existing trail if there is time.



So you want to help right? Here is what you gotta do!

  • RSVP and arrive before 9am.
  • Wear stable footwear and appropriate clothing
  • Gloves(We’ll be dragging pine trees to close trail and cutting raspberry stalks)
  • Glasses(Buckthorn will leave a mark)
  • Small quantity of pruning tools will be available,but we don’t have a lot so if you’re wanting to help in the pines bring something to take care of brush.
  • Tools for pulling saplings up(axe, pulaski, shovel or a fancy extractigator)
  • Rake if you wish.
  • Rock bars and rock slings will be at the second site, but that is a much smaller project.
  • Water bottle
  • Bug spray or bug netting(small chance the bugs could be out)
  • Sunscreen

That is it, thanks for your help and many thanks to our sponsors!

Date: Sat Apr 30, 2016

Time: 9am

Location: Agreement Forest(North East side of Mohawk Lot), Get directions

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