2017’s First Fall trail day

Arrive in NE corner of Mohawk Racetrack Parking lot by 9:30am

Three projects are going to be tackled:

  1. Replacing the wood ramp on Hammer-Head trail with rock work (Armouring project: Rock bars and rock slings) Leader: Morris
  2. Replacing stringers on Frank’s trail (Wood-working project: Cordless drills and saws, screws and backpacks for transporting decking) Leader: Garry
  3. Removing board-walk from Turner Tract for hazardous tree removal and brush trimming machinery (Strong backs and cordless drills (#2 Roberstons) for disassembly) Leader: Peter
  4. Removing downed trees from windstorm

Spillover project: Extending the rock armouring at Peter’s bridge; this is the big bridge near five-bridges that connects HF and AF. (Armouring: Shovels, rock bars and rock slings) Leader: JJ

Cancellation is possible if rain forecast, please check with us here or through info@hafta.ca 

A few hoodies are also on sale; Catch one before you catch a chill that might be the end of you!

Date: Sat Oct 21, 2017

Time: 9:30 am

Location: Agreement Forest, Get directions

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