Boardwalk on the River IWAI


Due to the positively spring like weather HAFTA has been tricked into emerging from hibernation to reinstall that boardwalk over the flooded area near I Will Allow It. The giant puddle hasn’t thawed yet so the boardwalk will settle a bit, but it will prevent you from getting a soaker. Friends of the AF, please enjoy and remember if you collect mud on your wheels or heels then turn around so you don’t do permanent damage to the trails.


*dink dink, dink dink de dink dink dink!

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Temporary Flooding


Hey AF friends the low area between Bat Boxes and I Will Allow It is now impassable due to temporary flooding. Late November 2016 we had to remove the existing boardwalk in order that widening of the double-track for the upcoming logging could take place. Unfortunately did not get an opportunity to replace it before the snow started flying.
Sorry for any inconvenience this causes.
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