Temporary Flooding


Hey AF friends the low area between Bat Boxes and I Will Allow It is now impassable due to temporary flooding. Late November 2016 we had to remove the existing boardwalk in order that widening of the double-track for the upcoming logging could take place. Unfortunately did not get an opportunity to replace it before the snow started flying.
Sorry for any inconvenience this causes.

2017 Post-Snowfall Route



We’ve had a few requests to create a default fat bike “route” to channel people’s efforts to pack down trail so we can get a rideable loop quickly set after a storm. A few other trail groups have such a plan and we think it’s a sound idea. So here is the new post-snowstorm loop, it is 7km long, starts from the Mohawk/Currie tract lot and incorporates a lot of the great trails. This is a short experiment, but hopefully it removes some people’s hesitancy about getting lost!

The flagging breaks down like this:
Loop 1 – One marker per tree – Red shade on map
Loop 2 – Two markers per tree. – Green shade on map
Main route – Three markers per tree. – Orange shade on map

Only the intersections are marked. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.

An overview here if you use Trailforks:

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Upcoming disruption to trails


The Region of Halton Forestry Dept, through a contractor, will be engaging in a silviculture operation during 2016/2017. The first step of the operation is to widen the double-track and place gravel down so machinery can gain access to the section of forest that will, in the fall of 2017, be logged of softwood species so that native hardwoods can be allowed a chance to replace the pines.

Check out the map if you are interested. Please do not replace the boardwalk, HAFTA will take care of this.

Send us questions info@hafta.ca

UPDATE: Parking is no longer available at the corner of fourth line nassagaweya and ten side rd.

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