How to report problems on the trail


With an ice-storm forecast and the windstorm last week we’re expecting and getting reports that “Hey there is a big tree down” and it’s great people are reaching out. Amazingly, somebody at HAFTA is typically up for taking care of that tree for everybody.

Weird, but true.

Anyways, if you want to help that person deal with these problems efficiently, then when you find a problem on the trails please use app to make a report that includes a photo & GPS data. Much of the time spent taking care of these problems is wasted by hiking from the wrong side of trail with the wrong tools. You can always e-mail us, but you need to know the name of the trail you were on and the condition of that tree or problem – basically everything Trailforks will do for you automatically.

Filing TrailForks reports with photos and GPS co-ordinates helps volunteers get to the different problems faster, track which have been solved and do it all with less fuss. Thank you! Check the video below for instructions:

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Call before you dig


Please, talk to somebody at HAFTA before making additions or “improvements” to the trails.

This stuff looks like litter and doesn’t do much for anybody’s skills. We suggest practice at Joyride or on a curb in the parking lot, learn the skill and come back when you can ride it as is. Remember you don’t NEED to ride it, but you do need to ride in control out of respect for yourself and those around you.

When individuals don’t consult the trail community before making modifications they look selfish. This shingling increases attention, liability and eventually would ensure the removal of the entire log by the land owner. If you think that’s an exaggeration, think again, just look 5 metres to the right and up the hill that is behind the log.

There is a difference between something that is just a tree that’s fallen in the woods and something that’s obviously been built into a feature – Respect the community’s wishes, keep the AF natural and technical by just riding the lines available and please don’t jeopardise what’s left in the forest with unneeded modifications.

Ride it as it lies, ride it in total control or leave well enough alone – Don’t risk its existence!


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Trail vandalism


Our community’s trails have been having a string of minor issues lately at, what seems like, the hand of one or two self-important trail users.
I know 99.99% of people reading this are on board with keeping the Agreement Forest’s beautiful limestone rocky trails as natural, raw and frankly speaking – Challenging.
Although we have no idea who is doing this, the point of this post isn’t to stir up paranoia. Nor are we interested in speculation, a bunch of stereotyping and subsequent internet finger-pointing (Not a productive use of your time!)
Thus far the board has been able to repair the various incidents of damage ourselves (no big deal). But this crap is not a productive use of our time or theirs. What we are asking is if anybody out there in our community has actually seen the people doing this and can shine the light down on these bad actors.
If so get in touch with us via the contact section!

UPDATE – We have restored most of the damage, but it will never be the same

Further images of attempted restoration and damage below


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