HAFTA Patches in stock!


Up for grabs are a limited quantity of iron-on HAFTA patches for your backpacks, frame-bags and flannel dress-shirts.

One of these little hotcakes 🥞 can be yours for $5, plus $1 for a stamp. That’s $6 total to your mailbox or $5 in cash if you spot a board-member in the wild.

The patches are 2.5″ across in freedom-units, which is about 63mm for the rest of the planet. 😬

Inquiries, E-trans and mailing addresses: Garry.drouin@bell.net

Garry is our board-member volunteering to lick all those stamps.😛 Ok, ok, he won’t lick them – We wouldn’t want to cause an international incident! 🤣

Looking like a great weekend on the trails, please park responsibly and keep it real out there.

Thanks for your support,

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2021/22 Fat Bike Loop


In case you’ve been living under a rock (which isn’t that unusual nowadays) we wanted to let you know that HAFTA has posted all the signs for our new Fat Bike loop AND finally Old Man Winter is co-operating.

This year’s loop is brought to you in co-operation with Glen Abbey Physiotherapy. We have been working hard to keep 17.2km of volunteer maintained, but un-groomed trails available for the community to enjoy.

Just get out there, explore, breath in some crisp forest air and relax!

It will do you good,

2021/22 HAFTA FAT BIKE LOOP on Trailforks.com

P.S. Unfortunately there are always “clever” people vandalizing signs, but recently a confused person has escalated their behaviour to include destroying signs entirely. If you see somebody damaging this community’s property please let us know. The signs serve an important role for directing fat-bike traffic and also take the guess work out of a forest network that has no other signage. Here is a link to the route in digital format if you get lost!

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There was a lot of a huffin’ and a puffin’ out there on December 11th, 2021

Our captains logged a lot of hours in the aftermath, well over 40 downed trees were safely cleared away from the single-tracks.

Thank you to the volunteers! Your efforts continue to allow the community sustainable access to a natural space; this has all sorts of mental and physical health benefits for visitors and generates economic benefit for outdoor-related industry.

Picture dump to follow and let’s hope it’s a good while until the next storm!

Environment Canada:

A strong low pressure system tracked over Northeastern Ontario on 
Saturday and brought snow, freezing rain, rain and wind. Over 
Northeastern Ontario heavy snow and freezing rain developed, 
resulting in several road closures. Heavy rain also occurred over 
Southern Ontario Friday night and Saturday morning followed by very 
strong winds Saturday afternoon into the evening. Strong winds 
resulted in power outages with well over 100,000 households without 

1. Summary of peak wind gusts in kilometres per hour. 

Hamilton Airport 104 
Toronto Pearson Airport 96 
3. Summary of total rainfall amounts in millimetres. 

Hamilton 25.4 
Toronto Pearson Airport 21 

4. Summary of new record maximum temperatures in degrees Celsius 
recorded on Saturday, December 11th. 

Hamilton Airport 
New record of 16.0 
Previous record of 13.9 set in 1971 
Records began in 1959 

Toronto Pearson Airport 
New record of 17.9 
Previous record of 14 set in 2015 
Records began in 1936 

1 2 3 38