Log your miles on The Den


Single-track conditions are mostly “super fast crunchy ice” this weekend (Jan 22nd, 2021), but there’s solid ice on the double-tracks. BTW!! If you’re a member that uses Strava be sure to get yourself some laps in on The Den.

Come Spring Glen Abbey Physiotherapy is going to award one lucky person from the Strava-pool of members that logged two or more loops on The Den a bunch of 12-speed freshness!

Don’t forget that COVID rules apply: Everybody allowed to go out and exercise, but remember to only visit our trails alone or with (up to 4) other members of your household and maintain a two meter distance from other visitors. 😷


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No, traction aids aren’t banned


Folks, the use of traction aids isn’t banned. Use them when surface conditions dictate, but please do not deploy frivolously as these devices nibble through the limestone and roots that characterize our trails. 💚

Remember that you use these trails at your own risk and with power comes responsibility. 🙂

Wishing you a safe and Happy New Years,

’20 Fat Bike Loop, Prizes & Half Off a Year of Membership!


UPDATE: Happy New Year! Congrats to those of you who took advantage of this deal while it lasted.

We’ve got a great deal for you.

If you purchase one year of membership between now and December 31st, 2020 our corporate member Glen Abbey Physiotherapy will split the cost with you!

Yup, for a brief while one year of HAFTA membership can be had for $15 (while quantities last). Members keep us membership-driven and are a most important element when it comes to HAFTA being a community that stewards and maintain the trails. If somebody you know uses the trails and doesn’t have a membership they can sign up for one year using the link and receive the same subsidy from Glen Abbey. Never been cheaper! Just keep in mind the offer is only for one person adding one membership-year and the quantity of membership-years that will be subsidized is limited; so apply early and save. You might even give a friend an extra year on their membership. Visit the renewal page and be sure to click the option for the Glen Abbey Physio discount before heading to PayPal. If you’re using Interact e-Transfer make sure to write a comment mentioning Glen Abbey Physio – Just say “Physio”!

Winter officially arrives on December 21st, but we’ve had the Fat Bike loop setup since Global Fat Bike Day(aka December 5th). HAFTA and Glen Abbey Physiotherapy are hoping to setup a mileage competition to see who can ride the most miles around the year’s Fat Bike loop. 15km of wintery single-track is waiting! You’ll likely need a GPS device to participate in the comp and prizes/categories are TBD by Glen Abbey. Details published as soon as finalized! 🙂

We do have more news to share, but we’re saving that for another post.

Thank you for all the support Glen Abbey Physiotherapy and thank you members for your continuing support! 


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