Jack Pittens (Executive at large)

Appointed as interim exec September 23rd, 2019 for ’19-20 period, Jack brings a strong dose of mountain bike and business wisdom to HAFTA.

Rob Schultz (Executive at Large)

Rob started mountain biking in 1989 when the snow stopped falling in Ontario and made XC skiing almost impossible. Mountain biking was supposed to be a temporary distraction until the … Read more

Paul ‘Paulo’ Laberge (Sponsorship Director)

You’ll most likely know him by the name Paulo! Ever since he could pedal a bike Paulo has been addicted to riding and spent significant time searching near his childhood … Read more

Jeff ‘JJ’ Konefał (Secretary)

  JJ first learned of the Agreement Forest in the late 90s when a buddy phoned him up one summer afternoon with news that Gary Fisher was having a free demo day … Read more

Garry Drouin (Trail Director)

One of the original Agreement Forest riders from way back Garry is about pushing the envelope on bikes and has broken every one he owned. Nowadays he is a seasoned … Read more