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Spring has sprung and so to our new look


Spring is a time of renewal and we at HAFTA are feeling the vibes with our new branding courtesy of Rich Auger from The PRFCT Line.

Thanks for your time Rich! We dig our new look and are looking forward to rolling it out into the real world. 🙂

If anybody out there wants to see more designs based on local trails and associations please stop by: https://theprfctline.bike/


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Ride (Hike) Dirt, Not Mud


Amazing weather, but now we’ve got a mud problem!

Please don’t use the trails when they’re soft and muddy. Their soil is exceptionally venerable during the freeze/thaw periods to displacement. Soil displacement is when soil gets pushed off the trail or excavated (ruts). That displacement permits water to ponding right on the trail and triggers further erosion.

If you come across a muddy section consider the slogan: Mud on heels or wheels, turn around. And if you think you can “cheat” conditions by riding or walking into the forest consider that you’re only making the problem worse as you trample the vegetation and widen the trail. Riding and walking on the edge of a muddy area tends to just make that muddy area wider (and harder to fix) better to step into the mud and take your licks for poor choices – The best option is to avoid muddy trails in the first place!

There are only a few weeks of the year where soil damage is a big problem for us and apparently we’re heading into them.


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