Shotgun Hunt 2020


Hi friends, please take note that from Nov 2nd through Nov 6th from dawn until dusk shotgunners are permitted to hunt deer within certain areas of our trail network (see signs).

Please do not argue with hunters or ask us to solve a potential offense. It’s happened before and we can’t do anything to help beyond spread the message that: If you spot behaviour that is an immediate threat to public safety then phone @haltonpolice. If you happen to see somebody hunting something other than deer, using dogs, chambering a cartridge or attaching their magazine while roadside, hunting across a roadway or any other potential firearms/natural resource offense then please contact @onresources. Both agencies will be professional and answer your questions. If you have information such as plates/photos they may send a cruiser out. We know that shotguns raise tempers, so keep calm and let a professional mentioned above sort out your concern. (not us!)

Lastly, please be polite out there and care for one another. Further information is available on Halton Region’s website: