Thank you Glen Abbey Physio and NottingHill Wellness


We’d like to mention our newest corporate members, Nottinghill Family Wellness and Glen Abbey Physiotherapy – Thank you for the support during 2020 and beyond! Both members signed up during April at our highest level of corporate membership. Their support gives HAFTA a healthy shot in the arm during times when many non-profits are struggling to survive.

HAFTA always works at bringing out the best it can through organizing passionate people, but acts like that don’t impress our insurance company – They told us it’s a liability and asked for cash. So, corporate or not, memberships are important to running this ship. With the COVID-19 lock-down cancelling our AGM, On The Rocks on the rocks and many foundational 5 year memberships expiring, this spring’s troubles will affect HAFTA’s coming decisions.

It’s nothing compared to the real trouble, but during Spring we faced our own little storm here in the Agreement Forest. During 48 day lockout much of the public was busy messaging and e-mailing us for answers/actions and the outcry for the green-spaces to re-open was all over social media. We thought: This is great, so many people passionate about having access to trails! When something suddenly disappears like that you can see how much it is valued. With that in mind, much of HAFTA’s free time was spent behind the scenes coordinating the re-opening and privately or publicly communicating updates to concerned parties. The hope was these new people, evidently so interested in the forest’s trails, would become members and support the effort. Unfortunately that’s not quite has what happened; yet…

Such incongruent behaviour is why we’re thankful to have some solid supporters and a committed member base. You don’t need much to keep the lights on at a trail association, but you will need something. If you know a business or a friend that wants to get involved in trail advocacy then send them our way!

Lastly, if you spot Steve K and his canine crew out using the trails, please give him a “thank you” for signing both of these corporations up. Be sure to check these spots out when you need servicing!


P.S. Many corporate members (including Glen Abbey/NottingHill) offer discounts on services and products to our members!