2020 is really on the rocks


Back in February, we set aside this weekend for 2020’s On The Rocks. Looks like it would have been solid weather for a BBQ!

We abstained this year because of the added complexities caused by COVID. It messed with everything from washrooms, meals, group ride size to spacing at the campfire. If our party became the locus for a bunch of cases we’d feel pretty bad as everybody in this photo is connected to us and our community. We hope they’re doing okay today and out riding their bikes under this sun. We’ll get back together soon enough. 🙂

Part of the plan for 2020, was to create an On The Rocks committee to deal with the growing logistics of hosting fifty people overnight. Those committee volunteers would only deal with the On The Rocks aspect of HAFTA.

We’re hopeful that in 2021 we could try this solution out.We don’t know the future and if it will make sense to begin planning again in late winter, but think about volunteering for the On The Rocks committee next year if you’re missing out today because we can use your help,


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