Fall Build Day II


Even though we were hot on the heels of the prior weekend’s volunteer day this second event was the coldest start of the trail maintenance season. In order to switch things up and cover all our weekend bases we decided to host part two of our Fall event on a Sunday. We want all the members who wish to attend a build, but have weekly schedules that preclude them from helping to at least have the opportunity.


The work being done on the day of(Nov 20th) was more board-walk. Somebody commented to us that we only seem todo board-walk, but that of course is not true. The reason we’ve been busy installing boardwalk is the trails that require them are only now getting much needed attention from a proper club. It’s great to be able to have the opportunity to install these projects and they increase the all-round nature of the trails and allow certain trails to be linked together when in previous years it would not be possible without rubber boots on. Basically boardwalks mean you’re getting access to more trail more of the time with less mud and erosion.

The north wind was rushing down fourth line so after a short, but rather chilling muster in parking lot we promptly headed into the bush. Unfortunately not before the wind could claim a victim:


Never put all your donuts in one basket and then leave Pete in charge of it!

Such a delicious tragedy, but I am sure a deer, coyote or trash panda will love finding such ambrosial fruits. Thankfully the volunteers had already taken a run at the box of donuts, so they were all sugar’d up to make quick work of this project. Brevity was the goal so it was all hands on deck(*cough*) to get this one belted out before anybody’s feet or fingers froze. There aren’t many pictures of the action.

The goal of the project was to extend the boardwalk near I Will Allow It and the BatBox. In the spring both boardwalks had proved too short. Hopefully we’ve now got the lengths nailed down. In addition to lengthening the two boardwalks we’ve realigned the BatBox boardwalk in an attempt to keep mountain bikers from short cutting through the woods.



The build projects only ran from 10am-12pm, but there was lots of socialising afterwards and a group of riders split early so they might squeeze in a ride during the afternoon.

Through HAFTA’s partnership with the Region of Halton, volunteers have installed over 120 ft of boardwalk on forest trails that badly needed it. We appreciate the communities support in helping to maintain these trail’s shape for the years to come!

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