The Forest

Agreement forest's lush and verdant canopy provides shelter from elements and filters air for its riders.

Learn more about it.

All Year Round

Regarded as one the finest destinations in Southern Ontario for winter mountain biking.

A completely different experience than summer.

Trail Diversity

Riders have come to the love rocky and technical terrain in their backyards. We are busily improving the trails.

Learn how you can help.

The Challenge

Few destinations require the skill and effort of Halton Region's Agreement Forest.

Flow takes on a new meaning here. Pick a trail and master it!

HAFTA is a not-for-profit association that preserves, protects and promotes mountain bike access and diverse riding opportunities in the Halton Region lands.

With your support HAFTA will represent you the rider to ensure access to the agreement forest. Memberships will provide insured trails and regular maintenance/trail development days.


For more information on becoming a member please email

Latest News

HAFTA’s second birthday

On March 30th under freezing rain warnings and wind gusts the community gathered in the warmth of Mohawk Inn’s Conference centre to celebrate the end of another successful year with … Read more

Soapy rocks

Have you ever wondered why rocks are so grippy in the winter and early spring, but really slippery in the summer (humid rocks are THE worst) and fall? It’s not just rain … Read more

Trail status:

April 28th: Trilliums coming out. Wandering lynx and slightly north of that is still muddy. Some soft spots on certain trails as well. "Mud on wheels or heels - turn around." Click our Twitter and Facebook links above for any additional updates.

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