HAFTA is a not-for-profit association that preserves, protects and promotes mountain bike access and diverse riding opportunities in the Halton Region lands.

With your support HAFTA will represent you the rider to ensure access to the agreement forest. Memberships will provide insured trails and regular maintenance/trail development days.

Strength in numbers, we need YOUR support.


For more information on becoming a member please visit http://hafta.ca/joinrenew/ or email info@hafta.ca

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Trail status:
Snow Packed

January 23rd

Trails mostly packed down. Watch out for ice where the pooling happened during rainmageddon. Stay off ICE. Due to dramatic change in water levels during the freeze much of it will be hanging in the air (w/ open water waiting below).

Remember to wear your pads and helmet when riding our forest and support your local trail association.

Always stay on the trail. Please do not widen trail by chewing up borders of trail. Please ride dirt not mud and please do not create ruts. Remember: Mud on heels or wheels, turn around. Please don't hike or ride around puddles because this widens the puddle and trail. Lastly be courteous to each other and the forest - Thanks for doing your part to keep the trails awesome!

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  • Wed Mar 25 2019-2020 AGM

    Hi all! Many of you know that in December 2019 the Mohawk Inn closed its doors for an what...
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