HAFTA is a not-for-profit association that preserves, protects and promotes mountain bike access and diverse riding opportunities in the Halton Region lands.

With your support HAFTA will represent you the rider to ensure access to the agreement forest. Memberships will provide insured trails and regular maintenance/trail development days.


For more information on becoming a member please email info@hafta.ca

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May the fourth be with HAFTA

May fourth is Star Wars day and co-incidentally for 2019 it was also International Women’s MTB day. Seemed like as good a day as any for HAFTA to set out … Read more

Women in MTB

Did you know the first Saturday of every May marks an annual Womens MTB Day? If you’re a women who’s interested in rolling up their sleeves to volunteer for the … Read more

Hilton Falls Trail Day

Friends of the AF & Hilton Falls! Yesterday you were probably wondering if it really was April 27th whilst eating your corn-flakes and watching the snow swirl. Sadly that was … Read more

Trail status:

Some trails are flooded and others are dang muddy. Please don't use a trail if your tire or footprints are creating a depression.

Ride dirt not mud and please do not create ruts. Mud on heels or wheels, turn around. Please don't widen the trail by riding around puddles. Be courteous to each other and the forest - Thanks for keeping the trails awesome!

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