HAFTA is a not-for-profit association that preserves, protects and promotes mountain bike access and diverse riding opportunities in the Halton Region lands.

With your support HAFTA will represent you the rider to ensure access to the agreement forest. Memberships will provide insured trails and regular maintenance/trail development days.

Strength in numbers, we need YOUR support.


For more information on becoming a member please visit http://hafta.ca/joinrenew/ or email info@hafta.ca

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Log your miles on The Den

Single-track conditions are mostly “super fast crunchy ice” this weekend (Jan 22nd, 2021), but there’s solid ice on the double-tracks. BTW!! If you’re a member that uses Strava be sure … Read more

No, traction aids aren’t banned

Folks, the use of traction aids isn’t banned. Use them when surface conditions dictate, but please do not deploy frivolously as these devices nibble through the limestone and roots that … Read more

Trail status:

Access to Hilton Falls trail by online reservation only: Don't enter their property from the Regional Forest. Follow the posted COVID guidelines. Please be respectful of trail conditions, park responsibly and pack out anything you brought in.

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